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Hate Records was the second label that we founded. It was more dedicated to raw punk rock and dis-beat records and therefore stood apart from the Unsociable releases.


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Unsociable was the first real label. Uppercrust HC in its finest form. The first releases included Jeniger and Zeroid records.

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Contamination was mainly a record mailorder and wholesale distribution. But we supported a couple of our friends' releases under this label and helped out distributing them.

URSUT – Köp Dig Lycklig – LP

URSUT – Köp Dig Lycklig LP Cover

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La Familia Releases
Released: 07/2016


URSUT are an all dad band with 9 hooligan kids delivering top notch dödskängpunk from south of Sweden. The new Lp ‘Köp Dig Lycklig’ (buy yourself happiness) is a thematic album dealing with classic but sadly still current (timeless?) topics of power structures, neo-liberalism, capitalism and social stigma.
Music wise they pick it up where they left off after their first LP ‘Dårarnas paradis’ (fools’ paradise). Aggresive dual vocals, pounding, blisteringly heavy hardcore with fine hooks, intense breaks in the now-classic Swedish tradition. Full throttle dödskängpunk.
The LP is a cooperation with 4490 records, Phobia records and Not Enough records.
Next to the LP version there is also a CD and Tape version by Not enough records and the band.

Pressing info

  • 110x white vinyl – La Familia Releases mailorder copies, 07/2016
  • 110x purple vinyl – Not Enough Records mailorder copies, 07/2016
  • 110x green vinyl – Phobia Records mailorder copies, 07/2016
  • 105x yellow vinyl – 4490 Records mailorder copies, 07/2016
  • 220x black vinyl, 07/2016
  • 339x black vinyl, 11/2016

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