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Hate Records

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Hate Records was the second label that we founded. It was more dedicated to raw punk rock and dis-beat records and therefore stood apart from the Unsociable releases.


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Unsociable was the first real label. Uppercrust HC in its finest form. The first releases included Jeniger and Zeroid records.

Contamination Distribution

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Contamination was mainly a record mailorder and wholesale distribution. But we supported a couple of our friends' releases under this label and helped out distributing them.

NIGHTMARE – Give Notice Of

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La Familia Releases
Released: 10/2020


First released 1990 on legendary Selfish Records this Japanese hardcore classic is available on vinyl again 30 years later.
// A cooperation with Farewellrecords.

Pressing info

    • 550x black vinyl, 10/2020
    • 72x blue vinyl, 10/2020
    • 26x orange vinyl, 10/2020
    • 27x red vinyl, 10/2020
    • 29x pink vinyl, 10/2020
    • 22x purple vinyl, 10/2020
    • 251x green vinyl, 10/2020
    • 27x mint vinyl, 10/2020
    • 71x various colors – bandcolors, 10/2020

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