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Hate Records was the second label that we founded. It was more dedicated to raw punk rock and dis-beat records and therefore stood apart from the Unsociable releases.


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Unsociable was the first real label. Uppercrust HC in its finest form. The first releases included Jeniger and Zeroid records.

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Contamination was mainly a record mailorder and wholesale distribution. But we supported a couple of our friends' releases under this label and helped out distributing them.



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La Familia Releases
w/ Farewell
Released: 06/2009


Two years after “In Extremis” on Havoc Records Martyrdöds new album “Sekt” was out. I read reviews like “blasphemous blackened crusty goodness” and “black metal-influenced version of WOLFBRIGADE” and that seems accurate. Heavy and D-beat-driven scandi crust with a sense of dark/cold melodies and I would say they added more coldness and hardcore since the In Extremis and cut down from arena rock sound to a well fitting rawness. 12 songs with political, social and personal lyrics with content backed up by pure brutality. The LP comes in a very thick gatefold cover with thick printed sleeve and on 180 gr. vinyl and it was remastered by Frank Bolz to give it the perfect vinyl sound. CD is also still available and contains 12 bonus trax: the long time sold out and already classic “s/t” LP on Plague Bearer Records and the split EP with Sunday Morning Einstein on Instigate Records.

Pressing info

  • 500x CDs, 06/2009
  • 500x black vinyl, 02/2010
  • 500x black vinyl, 07/2010