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Hate Records was the second label that we founded. It was more dedicated to raw punk rock and dis-beat records and therefore stood apart from the Unsociable releases.


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Unsociable was the first real label. Uppercrust HC in its finest form. The first releases included Jeniger and Zeroid records.

Contamination Distribution

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Contamination was mainly a record mailorder and wholesale distribution. But we supported a couple of our friends' releases under this label and helped out distributing them.

HERÄTYS – Näen Punaista 7inch

HERÄTYS – Näen Punaista 7inch Cover

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La Familia Releases
Released: 12/2012


The hardcore maniacs HERÄTYS are back but only to say good bye and fuck off. After their ripping debut 12inch and killer 7inch they keep it up and bring you 7 more ragers on this 7inch. Sadly the farewell show of SEEIN RED was also their last live appearance but on vinyl you can get a last fix of this absolute Scandinavian hardcore superiority.

Pressing info

  • 483x black vinyl, 12/2012
  • 114x white/black marbled vinyl, Mailorder 12/2012
  • 77x red/black marbled vinyl, Band 12/2012

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