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Hate Records

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Hate Records was the second label that we founded. It was more dedicated to raw punk rock and dis-beat records and therefore stood apart from the Unsociable releases.


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Unsociable was the first real label. Uppercrust HC in its finest form. The first releases included Jeniger and Zeroid records.

Contamination Distribution

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Contamination was mainly a record mailorder and wholesale distribution. But we supported a couple of our friends' releases under this label and helped out distributing them.

Empty Batteries 12inch

GEWAPEND BETON - Empty Batteries 12inch Cover

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La Familia Releases
w/ Dirty Faces and Attack
Released: 12/2008


The embryo punks did strike again and they became even more outstanding on this release. 6 songs of blazing Punk with a driving hardcore dose and an intensity which proves that after all their batteries are fully charged. – Cooperation with Crucial Attack

Pressing info

  • 615x black 160 gr. vinyl, 12/2008
  • 420x yellow 160 gr. vinyl, 12/2008